The following is the  S/W upgrade process.
1.   Extract the *.rar file and burn it to a CD-R disc.

1,   Power on the DVD player, insert the upgrade CD into disc tray.
2,   When CD is in the disc tray, DVD player will read disc automatically. After the read-disc information appeared on the TV screen, press ENTER button of the remote control. Then the DVD player will start to upgrade.
3,   When upgrade process finished, the disc tray will open automatically.
4,   Take out the disc after the disc tray was opened.  Press the number key 9735 on the remote control, the version number of software will be listed on the TV screen. 

The S/W version number is: 5BD0509A


seconda versione per modello dvx-i960cs :    DVX I960CS sw Italy.rar

Sunplus DVD software upgrading process


1、          Change the file name to DVDROM.BIN

2、          write the software to a new CDR disc.

3、          Put the recorded disc into DVD player and then begin to            upgrade.

4.     Reading the disc and then appears the upgrading dialogue.

5.  After automatic-upgrading finished, TV will show OPEN.

6.   Upgrading successfully.